Hopworks Releases First Ever Sustainability Report

May 7, 2013 10:00 pm Published by 1 Comment

Hopworks Urban Brewery is proud to release its first sustainability report. We believe it is important to share with our supporters, friends and public our efforts, results and goals in creating an environmentally responsible and efficient brewery and brewpubs.

We recognize that brewing can be an environmentally demanding process and we’ve responded by creating sustainably-operated buildings and implementing efficient machinery and operations. And whatever can’t be addressed through construction and operations, we mitigate through purchases of 100% renewable energy, as well as carbon and water offsets.

In addition to the results reported inside, Hopworks added a sustainability manager in 2012  to have a staff member focused solely on identifying new opportunities and tracking results. Our goal is to strive for continuous self-improvement and annually report the results of our efforts.

Thank you for supporting sustainable business, cheers!

To see the entire 2012 Hopworks Sustainability Report, please click hereSustainabilitySlides-03.


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  • Alex M says:

    Thank you for doing this! You make some great beers, and this makes me only happier to support you. I am back at college to study sustainability, and I have begun to really question where I get my beer from; it was the one thing that I had not already put under the microscope. Some of the steps I settled on are relatively easy: now I only buy beer from here in Oregon, brewed by companies who demonstrate a commitment to minimizing their impact. For what it’s worth, reading about the steps you have taken led me to try your beer for the first time.

    I’m also happy to see that a job like a sustainability manager for a brewery even exists. My wife asked what my new dream jobs would be, and that was one of them. “But,” I said, “Nobody does something like that.” Hopefully others follow suit.

    Blah blah blah… Kudos to you, and cheers!

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