Our Belgian-Style Ale series is an homage to the old-world, continental styles from Belgian in concert with our brewery’s unique, Northwest perspective.




Organic Red Apple Abbey

16.5 degrees plato | 10 IBU | Alc 7%by volume

Combines Two Belgian-Style Favorites – Abbey Ale and Apple Ale

  • Organic Juice from Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith Apples
  • Rich, complex malt body
  • Malty esters and flavors are interwoven with light, fragrant, and crisp apple aromas.

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Organic Belgian-Style Saison

13.5 degrees plato | 18 IBU | Alc 6.6%by volume

Classic Belgian Farmhouse-style ale made with organic 2-row barley and organic malted wheat.

  • Effervescent, light and refreshing
  • Unique fruity and spicy yeast flavors with subtle fruit aroma
  • Dry-hopped with organic Chinook, Amarillo, and Ahtanum hops




Organic Belgian Apple Ale

12.5 degrees plato | 8 IBU | Alc 5.8%by volume

A marriage of a traditional Belgian Golden Ale with juice from Organic Washington and Oregon apples.

  • Delicate floral aromas layer over tart flavors of freshly picked Honeycrisp and Gala apples.
  • A subtle wheat malt body gives way to a refreshing, effervescent finish.
  • Crisp and delicious as a Fall day in the orchard.




Organic Belgian Tripel

18 degrees plato | 18 IBU | Alc 8.7%by volume

Delightfully fruity and deceptively drinkable. Lemon and banana esters lead to a refreshingly dry, peppery and effervescent finish.




Organic Abbey Ale

20 degrees plato | 18 IBU | Alc 8.5%by volume

The first of our bottle-conditioned Belgian ales. Rich, complex weave of malty esters reminiscent of stone fruit flavors.