Straight out of the Hopworks science lab we bring you our single hop ale series. Each beer highlights signature aromas and flavors of specific hop varieties that are further multiplied through our dry hop process. Science homework never tasted so good!

Available In:
  • bottle
  • keg


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Organic El Dorado IPX

14 OG | 60 IBU | 6.0%ABV

Featuring Organic El Dorado hops from Jackson Hop in Caldwell, ID. This relative newcomer hop was developed by CLS Farms in 2008 and released commercially in 2010.

  • Tropical fruit and pear aromas and flavors
  • Light bodied and dry malt character

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Organic Simcoe IPX

14 OG | 60 IBU | 6.0%ABV

Featuring hops that are both Salmon-Safe Certified and Certified Organic from Loftus Ranches in Yakima, WA

  • Pine and Citrus aromas and flavors from a popular, bittering and aroma hop
  • Light bodied and dry malt character

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Mt. Hood IPX

14 OG | 60 IBU | 6.0%ABV


The Mt. Hood hop was released in 1989 by a breeding program in Oregon and is the descendent of the German Hallertauer, Mittelfüh and Liberty hop varieties. Mt. Hood IPX contains Salmon-Safe Certified hops from Crosby Hop Farms in Woodburn, Oregon.

  • Clean and bitter hop characteristic
  • Mild herbal and floral hop aromas and flavors


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Organic Fuggle IPX

14 OG | 60 IBU | 6.0%ABV


Made with Organic Fuggle hops from The Oregon Hophouse in Aurora, OR. The Fuggle hop was discovered in 1861 as a seedling in a Kent, England, hop yard and was introduced to the industry by Richard Fuggle in 1865. It is the parent hop for the Willamette, Cascade and Glacier hop varieties.

  • Expect floral and grassy hop aromas and flavors
  • Light bodied and dry malt character


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Chinook IPX

14 OG | 60 IBU | 6%ABV

Brewed with Salmon-Safe Certified Chinook hops from Gamache Farms in Yakima, WA. Named in honor of the Washington state centennial, this“Super Cascade” hopwas cultivated by the USDA in 1974 and released commercially in 1990.

  • Citrus, pine, and floral flavors dominate this beer



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Organic Ahtanum IPX

The Ahtanum hop was named in honor of the region in Yakima Valley where the first hop farm was established by Charles Carpenter in 1869. Our Ahtanum hops were grown at Perrault Farms in Toppenish, Washington.

  • Floral and citrus hop flavors and aromas
  • Light bodied and dry malt character