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Organic Mosaic IPX

Alc 6%%by volume

Brewed with Organic and Salmon-Safe Mosaic hops sourced from Roy Farms. Roy has grown hops for 109 consecutive years in Oregon and is dedicated to sustainable farming, organically raised hops, and early adoption of new farming technology.

  • Complex tropical, floral and earthy hop flavors from this popular hop
  • Hops provide clean bitterness in a light-bodied beer with dry malt character

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Azacca-IPX HUB_Site_Keg_Template

Organic Azacca IPX

Alc 6%by volume

Brewed with Organic and Salmon-Safe Azacca hops sourced from Roy Farms. Roy has grown hops for 109 consecutive years in Oregon and is dedicated to sustainable farming, organically raised hops, and early adoption of new farming technology.

  • Pineapple, grapefruit, and orange flavors and aromas
  • Hops provide clean bitterness with juice-forward mouthfeel

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El-Dorado_web HUB_Site_Keg_Template

Organic El Dorado IPX

Alc 6.0%by volume

Featuring Organic El Dorado hops from Jackson Hop in Caldwell, ID. This relative newcomer hop was developed by CLS Farms in 2008 and released commercially in 2010.

  • Tropical fruit and pear aromas and flavors
  • Light bodied and dry malt character

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Organic Red Apple Abbey

Alc 7%by volume

Combines Two Belgian-Style Favorites – Abbey Ale and Apple Ale

  • Organic Juice from Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith Apples
  • Rich, complex malt body
  • Malty esters and flavors are interwoven with light, fragrant, and crisp apple aromas.

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Organic Belgian-Style Saison

Alc 6.6%by volume

Classic Belgian Farmhouse-style ale made with organic 2-row barley and organic malted wheat.

  • Effervescent, light and refreshing
  • Unique fruity and spicy yeast flavors with subtle fruit aroma
  • Dry-hopped with organic Chinook, Amarillo, and Ahtanum hops




Organic Belgian Apple Ale

Alc 5.8%by volume

A marriage of a traditional Belgian Golden Ale with juice from Organic Washington and Oregon apples.

  • Delicate floral aromas layer over tart flavors of freshly picked Honeycrisp and Gala apples.
  • A subtle wheat malt body gives way to a refreshing, effervescent finish.
  • Crisp and delicious as a Fall day in the orchard.




Organic Belgian Tripel

Alc 8.7%by volume

Delightfully fruity and deceptively drinkable. Lemon and banana esters lead to a refreshingly dry, peppery and effervescent finish.




Organic Abbey Ale

Alc 8.5%by volume

The first of our bottle-conditioned Belgian ales. Rich, complex weave of malty esters reminiscent of stone fruit flavors.


Available In:
  • bottle
  • keg



Organic Motherland Russian Imperial Stout

Alc 9.8%by volume

A fortifying tonic for the people. Rich and smooth, Motherland is as black as a Siberian winter night but warming enough to weather it. Aromas of anise and cherry mingle with bittersweet chocolate and a warming, spicy finish. Answer the call and raise a glass to Motherland.

  • Dark, rich and smooth
  • Bittersweet chocolate and roasted malt flavors
  • Aromas of anise and cherry
  • Warming, spicy finish

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Available In:
  • bottle
  • keg



Organic Galactic Imperial Red Ale

Alc 8.5%by volume

One small sip for man, one giant bottle for mankind! Robust caramel malt flavors battle NW Centennial and Cascade hops for interstellar supremacy.

  • Ample doses of organic Centennial and Cascade hops.
  • Robust caramel malt flavors
  • Dry, warming finish

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HUB_Site_BOTTLE_IPX_Simcoe_Template HUB_Site_Keg_Template HUB_Site_Pint_IPA

Organic Simcoe IPX

Alc 6.0%by volume

Featuring hops that are both Salmon-Safe Certified and Certified Organic from Loftus Ranches in Yakima, WA

  • Pine and Citrus aromas and flavors from a popular, bittering and aroma hop
  • Light bodied and dry malt character

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HUB_Site_BOTTLE_IPX_MtHood_Template HUB_Site_Keg_Template HUB_Site_Pint_IPA

Mt. Hood IPX

Alc 6.0%by volume


The Mt. Hood hop was released in 1989 by a breeding program in Oregon and is the descendent of the German Hallertauer, Mittelfüh and Liberty hop varieties. Mt. Hood IPX contains Salmon-Safe Certified hops from Crosby Hop Farms in Woodburn, Oregon.

  • Clean and bitter hop characteristic
  • Mild herbal and floral hop aromas and flavors


HUB_Site_BOTTLE_IPX_Fuggle_Template HUB_Site_Keg_Template HUB_Site_Pint_IPA

Organic Fuggle IPX

Alc 6.0%by volume


Made with Organic Fuggle hops from The Oregon Hophouse in Aurora, OR. The Fuggle hop was discovered in 1861 as a seedling in a Kent, England, hop yard and was introduced to the industry by Richard Fuggle in 1865. It is the parent hop for the Willamette, Cascade and Glacier hop varieties.

  • Expect floral and grassy hop aromas and flavors
  • Light bodied and dry malt character


HUB_Site_BOTTLE_IPX_Ahtanum_Template HUB_Site_Keg_Template HUB_Site_Pint_IPA

Organic Ahtanum IPX

The Ahtanum hop was named in honor of the region in Yakima Valley where the first hop farm was established by Charles Carpenter in 1869. Our Ahtanum hops were grown at Perrault Farms in Toppenish, Washington.

  • Floral and citrus hop flavors and aromas
  • Light bodied and dry malt character






Alc 5.5%by volume


CranPerry is our newest year-round pear cider featuring fruit entirely from our home in the Pacific Northwest. The cranberry, sourced in part from fellow B Corporation Starvation Alley Farms on the coast of Washington, provides a thirst-quenching tart complexity that complements the semi-dry pear foundation.

  • Limited Availability in the Fall
  • Semi-dry hard pear cider with addition of cranberries
  • Pinkish-orange color with light, crisp tartness
  • Sourced entirely from the Northwest
  • Naturally gluten-free