Great Beer Begins With Clean Water

Posted on April 20, 2015

McKenzie River Flow_Adam Spencer

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise that in Oregon, our purest, best-tasting water comes from rivers and streams flowing through unspoiled public forest lands. Beer is over 90% water, so when we protect and restore Oregon’s forests and rivers, we’re protecting Oregon beer at its source. Oregon Brewshed Alliance members recognize this connection and pledge to protect these resources, provide leadership in sustainability and conservation, and commit to brewing craft beers of the highest quality,” says Sean Stevens, Oregon Wild Executive Director Sean Stevens. “

Last week, Oregon Wild announced the formation of the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance (OBA), a coalition of brewers and conservationists advocating for the protection of forests and watersheds. Hopworks joined this alliance along with Widmer Brothers Brewing, Migration Brewing, Elk Horn Brewery, Claim 52 Brewing, Fort George Brewery, GoodLife Brewing, and Beers Made By Walking.

Stay tuned as we develop our relationship with OBA. We are committed to educate our friends and patrons on the essential connection between watershed conservation, clean water, and great beer. We recently installed a Cleaning in Place system which reduces our detergent use by 50% and captures our rinse water for future use. We also use Organic and/or Salmon-Safe Certified hops in all of our beer to ensure cleaner water runoff from farms that grow our hops. Water is vital to our future as a community and we are glad to be able to partner with the OBA to protect our water sources.

Oregon Brewshed Alliance

Here are a few ways you can support the OBA through affiliate breweries. Put it on your calendars – OBA is the community tap partner at Hopworks BikeBar in August, so we’re sending them 1% of all pint sale proceeds.

  • April 22nd – Brother Nature Earth Day event at the Gasthaus Pub, Widmer Brothers Brewing – 100% of the proceeds from their featured “Brother Nature Pils” will support the OBA, as well as $1 from every pint sold in the pub.
  • June 4th – OBA happy hour at Claim 52 Brewing
  • June 18th – OBA happy hour at Migration Brewing
  • August 3rd – Community Tap Kickoff at Hopworks BikeBar – Throughout the month of August, $1 per pint at Hopworks BikeBar will support the Oregon Brewshed Alliance.