Udder Madness Pumpkin Milk Porter

Posted on September 24, 2015


If fresh hop beers signal the beginning of hop harvest, pumpkin beers generally┬ámean the seasons are shifting, the nights are getting shorter and colder. It’s a beautiful season in the Pacific Northwest as pockets of trees turn bright orange amidst walls of evergreen giants. Dew lines our porches in the morning and foggy clouds are a more prominent site as you drive into the mountains. Pumpkin beers embody these seasonal shifts.

This year the brewery decided to create a beer that is smoother and sweeter than the spiced pumpkin beer we made last year. We started with a milk porter┬ábase and added 150lbs of house-roasted pumpkins. The beer finishes with a soft hint of cinnamon, while the lactose gives the beer a pumpkin pie-like creamy texture. The beer is easy drinking at 5.7% and 24 IBUs. It’s currently on tap at our Powell brewpub and will hit BikeBar within a couple days timing. We think this one will be a real crowd pleaser.

IMG_8408 IMG_8414 IMG_8451