Stumptown 40 Pinewood Derby

Posted on May 14, 2016

When: 05/18/2016| 7-9pm

Where: Spirit of 77 | 500 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Portland, OR

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The Stumptown 40 is a lot like the traditional Boy Scout Pinewood Derby, but instead of boys creating cars from blocks of wood, grit and pocketknives, it’s Portland’s creative types, with power tools. And instead of a church gymnasium, the Stumptown 40 will be held at Spirit of 77 (where a full bar is available). We’re sponsoring this event so come watch the races, or build one and participate. Either way, grab a beer and have an enjoyable evening.

Car kits are $30, all of which goes to Schoolhouse Supplies. Details are on the Stumptown 40 site.


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