Craft Beer Week: Austin Barich

Posted on May 12, 2020

To celebrate Craft Beer Week this year, we wanted to focus on the people behind the beer. To kick it off, we spoke to one of our brewers, Austin Barich!

So, Austin, what do you do here?

I like to think of myself as a very wet baker and a yeast rancher. But really, I’m just one of the brewers here slinging the sauce!

What got you into brewing?

I really liked chemistry in high school and every project I’ve done in school was about food or sustainable farming, so when I found OSU’s program for Fermentation Sciences, it checked all the boxes for me.

I first got into craft beer trying one of my buddy’s dad’s beers – I think it was called “A Little Crazy” by Revolution Brewing. I remember it being just on the threshold of what I considered – at the time – almost too hoppy, but it was so good.

From there, beer just made sense.

What’s the most rewarding part of the job?

I’ve always liked giving people gifts and I distinctly remember thinking early on that beer is this thing that brings people together and makes them happy (when used correctly!), so I wanted to make it.

Honestly, though, it’s pretty cool to just be a brewer! I never wake up wondering what went wrong in my life, you know? With competition as fierce as it is in Portland, all my coworkers are really passionate about what we do and that’s amazing. Most of them are older than me and have more experience, too, so being able to get a ton of great feedback and advice is super rewarding.

It never gets monotonous either, since we’re always brewing something new!

Finally, what HUB beer are you celebrating Craft Beer Week with?

Golden Hammer all the way!