Oregon Brewshed Alliance and Salmon-Safe

Posted on August 7, 2015

BikeBar’s partner: An outreach initiative of Oregon Wild, the Oregon Brewshed® Alliance is a coalition of brewers, craft beer affiliates, and conservationists advocating for the protection of forests and watersheds.

Powell brewpub’s partner: Salmon-Safe is a non-profit organization that links land management practices with the protection of agricultural and urban watersheds through whole-site inspections with rigorous peer-revised standards.

A little more information:

Oregon Brewshed Alliance

Together, members of the Alliance work to educate the beer drinking community about protected watersheds and their essential role in Oregon’s celebrated craft brewing industry. Pint nights, special brews, beer fests, and brewshed® hikes serve as a platform for outreach and education, and give craft beer enthusiasts a chance to support the Oregon brewers committed to leadership in sustainability and conservation.


Salmon-Safe’s mission is to inspire the transformation of land management practices so Pacific salmon can thrive in West Coast watersheds. Salmon-Safe has worked cooperatively with more than 400 private landowners and certified approximately 80,000 acres of farmland in critical West Coast salmon watersheds. Founded by river and native fish conservation organization Pacific Rivers Council, Salmon-Safe became an independent Oregon-based nonprofit in 2002.