Keeping It Green

From our energy-saving operations, to our sustainably sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging, to our clean water initiative, everything we do at Hopworks is filtered through a lens of sustainability. As we continue to broaden our approach to sustainability, we push ourselves to reduce our impact on the planet. We’re in this for the long haul.


Sustainable Construction

From reconstructed facilities to net zero energy efficiency, our brewing and restaurant facilities are built to reduce our impact today and tomorrow. Read on to find out about the decisions we made in constructing sustainable places to eat, drink, and brew:



Hopworks Urban Brewery

A few of the environmental highlights of our building: All useable material was recovered and sorted. One third of all the building’s framing material was recovered from deconstruction, booths constructed entirely from ceiling joists, and we reused existing materials throughout the building and bar. We installed high efficiency equipment throughout, including heating and cooling equipment, kitchen equipment, lighting, a high efficiency brewery chiller, and weatherization of windows, doors, and insulation. Our fresh air economizers capture heat while trading stale air for outside air. We installed pervious pavers and a settling pond to let rainwater become groundwater, and electric vehicle charger, and plentiful covered and uncovered bike parking.


North Williams Pub and Beergarden

Williams is on the ground level of the ecoFLATS complex, which was designed to meet the Net Zero energy building standard. The building is on North Portland’s bike highway and we are equipped with plenty of bike parking. The pub is in an incandescent free zone. We used reclaimed material form Portland’s Rebuilding Center. We installed energy efficient kitchen equipment. Finally, you can work off your beer on our plug-out bicycles while generating power for the building!


Hopworks Urban Brewery Vancouver

Our Vancouver brewpub is built in 2016 at the heart of the Columbia Tech Center in Vancouver, Washington. At the cross section of two major bike paths, we are proud to offer extensive bike parking for our customers on two wheels. Our building features water and energy efficient designs and a 10 kW solar array. Our brewpub grounds are Salmon-Safe Certified, ensuring our water runoff is safe for the watershed.




Brewing Ingredients

All of our beers feature USDA Certified and/or Salmon-Safe Certified hops. Our malted barley is 100% USDA Certified Organic. We further reduce our impact by ensuring that 88% of our grain is grown less than 300 miles away, in the Klamath Falls area of Southern Oregon. Our Nonstop Hef Hop and Pig War White IPA contain Hard Red Spring Wheat that was grown on our small estate farm on San Juan Island.



Our Water Initiative

We’re taking a stand for one of our most precious resources – water. You can’t make great beer without water, it is critical for the health of our environment and our communities. As part of our initiative, we are:

  • Reducing water consumption With serious efforts from our brewers and some new equipment, we were able to reduce our water intensity from 4.23 gallons of water per gallon of beer in 2012 to 3.39 gallons to produce each gallon of beer in 2015.
  • Maintaining water neutral operations through the purchase of credits through Bonneville Environmental Foundation.
  • Partnering with other brewers as part of the Brewers for Clean Water campaign to defend the Clean Water Act.
  • Streamlining our annual charitable giving and advocacy to support local, national and international organizations advocating for clean water.
  • Installing water-saving equipment The brewery recently installed a Cleaning In Place system, which allows the brewery to conserve five times the amount of water when cleaning fermentation tanks.
  • One of the first partners of Oregon Wild’s Oregon Brewshed Alliance. This local coalition of brewers, craft beer affiliates and conservationists are advocating for the protection of forests and watersheds.



Go By Bike

At HUB, more than 2/3 of all our staff commutes to work are by bicycle, walking, public transportation, or carpool. We estimate that’s 140,239 miles saved from car and carbon impacts to our environment. You’ll also find plenty of of bike parking at our locations—and you can buy bike jerseys or register for HUB bike teams for local events—because we believe the best way to get around is on two wheels.




Our goal is to cut our landfill to zero. Here’s how we’re getting to zero waste:

  • Why-We-Donate_01We send over 750 tons of spent-brewing-grain to organic dairy farmers in the Willamette Valley for cattle feed.
  • Why-We-Donate_02Not counting that spent grain, we recycle or compost 85% of our waste, with only 11% going to landfill. Counting the grain, we divert 98.6% of our waste from landfills!
  • Why-We-Donate_03We work with local companies such as Urban Gleaners and Organic Valley Coop to distribute usable food and reusable materials.



We’ve taken every opportunity to find the most efficient energy options for our operations. This includes simple steps like installing LED, Fluorescent lighting at our locations, but we also take it a giant step further. This included:

  • Installing a high-efficiency chiller for brewery operations
  • Using ENERGY STAR appliances including hand dryers in bathrooms
  • Zoning AC units appropriately
  • 100% E-certified renewable energy through 3Phases.


Want to see for yourself? We compile a Sustainability Report every year to benchmarks our efforts. A way to help set goals and hold us accountable, the report can be inspiration for other businesses looking for ways to go green.