Imperial Series

These are big beers designed to break the rules of the playground. Our goal is to challenge how much hoppiness and sustainability you can pack into one 22oz bottle of beer.

Available In:
  • 2018: Oct-Dec
  • bottles
  • kegs


Three Sides To Every Story Triple IPA

Alc 10.5%by volume

  • 3 malts and 3 hops in this behemoth of an IPA!
  • Upfront blasts of dankness, tropical fruit and citrus from huge amounts of hops in our whirlpool and dry hop
  • 3% wheat adds a little body and 3% caramel malt adds a touch of rich balance to a crisp and clean bitterness

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Available In:
  • 2019: Jan-Mar
  • bottles
  • kegs



Alc 8.5%by volume

  • Imperial New England IPA brewed with huge amounts of organic oats and wheat malt.
  • Organic NW Calypso, Azacca and Simcoe make one massive fruit punch medley.
  • Low bitterness and super juicy.
  • Every day feels like a vacation when you’re enjoying the finest local, organic beer ingredients!

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Available In:
  • 2019: Jul-Sep
  • bottle
  • keg


Organic Ace of Spades Imperial IPA

Alc 8.6%by volume

  • Organic NW hops added at every stage of the brewing process: mash tun, first wort, kettle, hop back and dry-hop
  • Big citrus and resinous hop aromas and flavors
  • Clean, crisp bitter finish
  • USDA Organic Imperial IPA

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