Our Team



  • Christian Ettinger

    Christian Ettinger

    Christian Ettinger – Brewmaster and Founder

    Christian was born in San Francisco, California in 1973 to an Architect Roy and Teacher Karen. Christian began home brewing when he was 19 while attending the School of Business at University of Oregon. He moved to Cologne, Germany a year later and quickly fell in love with beer culture and tradition. He wrapped up his business degree with a 5 credit brewing internship and a job offer at Eugene City Brewery as Assistant Brewer. At 22 he was promoted to Head Brewer and two years later left Eugene with his new bride Brandie to attend the American Brewers Guild outside Davis, California. Stints at Bridgeport Brewery and Old World Pub and Brewery led to the Brewmaster Position at Laurelwood Pub and Brewery where, in 2004, Christian was awarded World Beer Cup Champion Brewmaster. He started Hopworks in 2008 intent on cultivating beer culture and testing the practical limits of sustainability. The business embodies his passions for people, beer, food and both the built and natural environment.

  • Trever Bass

    Trever Bass

    Trever Bass – Head Brewer

    Trever began home brewing more than a decade ago while getting his degree in fine art at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Realizing that making beer could be more than a hobby, he decided on a career change. Trever interned at Flagstaff Brewing Company and fell in love with the beer business. For several years, Trever brewed at the award-winning Beaver Street Brewery and The Lumberyard Brewing Co. before moving to the craft beer mecca of Portland in 2011. With no small amount of persistence, he landed a job with Hopworks where he is proud to serve as head brewer—a position that offers him the opportunity to craft delicious, innovative beers and occasionally hone his plumbing skills. When he is not brewing, drinking or thinking about beer, he enjoys fly-fishing, traveling and riding his bicycle.

  • Matthew Speckenbach

    Matthew Speckenbach

    Matthew Speckenbach – Lead Cellar Operator, Barrel/Special Projects Brewer

    Growing up on the east end of Long Island as the son of a beekeeper and owner of a bait and tackle shop, Matt “Speck” Speckenbach faced many challenges. Every summer he had to avoid vacationing Manhattanites and overrun beach parties that hadn’t yet been broken up by the village police. Speck went to Penn State in 2001 where he studied anthropology and was a member of the fencing team. When he realized that he wanted to do something useful with his life he started homebrewing and moved to Portland to pursue a career in beer. As a member of the original HUB crew he has seen the brewery grow and evolve. When he isn’t spending his time filling barrels and making cider he is collecting vinyl and enjoying the lush and eclectic Portland music scene.

  • Justin Miller

    Justin Miller

    Justin Miller – Production Manager

    Justin grew up in Colorado where he first discovered snowboards and great beer. When the mountains became a little too majestic and the skies a little too blue, he moved to Oregon. After many years in restaurant management, he decided to turn his love for food science into something more. When not brewing he can be found hiking the Cascades, biking and cooking.

  • Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis, Warehouse Manager
    “What do you do with a B.A. in English?
    What is my life going to be?
    Four years of college and plenty of knowledge
    Have earned me this useless degree.”
    No, but seriously an English degree allowed me the ambiguity in direction to ditch Indiana for AmeriCorps and the PCT, the Rockies and their ski slopes, New Orleans and post-Katrina rehabilitation, and ships on the Pacific Ocean: from Hawai’i to Alaska to Central America to Antarctica. Ultimately love for my lady and the desire to have a dog brought me home to stay. Let hobby become profession, and now you’ll find me at Hopworks lurching around on a forklift.
  • Adam Hamill

    Adam Hamill

    Adam Hamill – Brewer

    Adam was discovered by Hopworks in 2014. He was camped for months outside of their brewery. Hailing from both Alaska and Hawaii, Adam spent many years working in one of the oldest breweries on Oahu as, arguably, the best assistant brewer that side of the Pacific!
    So, like everyone else in the known-world, his goal was to take that experience and work with another high quality, craft brewery. Where better to do that than in one of the greatest beer Meccas – Portland, Oregon! Being a person who’s regular life focus is in organic foods and sustainability, where else but Hopworks could he go?
    So he pitched his tent and waited patiently. Watching grain, hops and a touch of magic go in each day to be transformed into beautiful, beautiful beer. Fortunately for Adam, his diligence paid off and pity struck the brewery staff who opened their doors, fed and clothed him, and put him to work doing what he loves most. He’s been at HUB ever since, helping this fantastic crew produce amazing quality beers (and cider) with a focus on sustainability and reduced local and global impact.
  • Casey Ray

    Casey Ray

    Casey Ray – Brewer

    What is Casey Ray? Is he (assuming he is a he) animal, vegetable, or mineral, or none of the above. This question has been asked many times over the three decades of his corporeal existence.

    What is known is that in his second decade he dedicated his future existence toward the creation and maintenance of mechanisms that create social harmony and lubricity. This led him to a career of alcohol production. While he began his career elsewhere, (and producing other beverages) ultimately this led him to the Mecca of beer making, Portland Oregon, and to what may be the most community oriented brewery in Portland, Hopworks Urban Brewery.

    In his free time you will often find Casey hanging about with his fellow undead friends. While he does enjoy the company of vampires and zombies, he often finds werewolves tiresome.
    Casey: “Too much gnashing of the teeth for my taste”

    Also he has no love for facial hair. Beyond that he abhors poorly executed facial hair.
    Casey: “Face it some of us just can’t grow beards and should just stop trying”

    He’s a Cancer/Leo cusp that combines all the insecurities of Cancers with all the “look at me, look at me” attention mongering of a Leo.
    This grants him the ability to appear and disappear at will. As such his slogan for life is:
    Casey: “Fast as fast can be, you’ll never catch me”

  • Don Marcill

    Don Marcill

    Don Marcil – Brewer

    After 15 years as a graphic artist and production manager for a national printing company, Don left the computer life to brew beer. After joining the American Brewer’s Guild program, apprenticing at Hopworks and training at Otter Creek Brewing in Vermont, he became a permanent member of the HUB team and had no regrets, making great beer with great people. In his off time Don enjoys riding motorcycles, playing guitar and exploring the Northwest with his wife.

  • McKenna Ganz

    McKenna Ganz

    McKenna Ganz – QA/QC Lab Tech

    After graduating from Oregon State University with her degree in Food and Fermentation Science, McKenna went to work for Anheuser Busch as a brewing supervisor and then as the brewing quality manager. Wanting to be in the craft industry, she left and went to work for Lagunitas in Petaluma, CA. She recently moved to Portland and started working as the quality technician for HUB. In her spare time, she loves homebrewing, cooking, snowboarding, backpacking and everything outside.


  • Brandie Ettinger

    Brandie Ettinger

    Brandie Ettinger


    Have any extraordinary coincidences ever happened to you in your life?

    Upon meeting for the first time, my husband and I discovered that we both have a sun tattoo on the same ankle.

    What is your favorite Hopworks beer?

    Evelyn Sunshine Imperial IPA

    What is your favorite, secret, snack food?

    Chocolate chips

    Two truths and a lie:
    I have never eaten a banana in my life.
    I have been face to face with an African lion at feeding time.
    I once drag raced in a 67′ Mustang


  • Renee Jimenez

    Renee Jimenez

    Renee Jimenez

    Director of Finance & Operations

    What is your favorite, secret, snack food?


    Your favorite place to drink (outside of HUB)?

    The Rock

    Anything you want to brag about?

    My girls think I’m an awesome & hip mom.

    Two Truths and a Lie:
    I have been to Germany.
    I have a park named after my family name.
    I survived a brain tumor.

  • Alicia Hawkins

    Alicia Hawkins

    Alicia Hawkins, Front of the House Manager

    What is your favorite Hopworks beer?

    Cascade IPX

    Your favorite place to go in Oregon?

    Anywhere on the coast

    Honors, Awards, or anything you want to brag about?

    #1 Mom in the Universe!

    Two truths and a lie:

    I have six pets
    I love filling out surveys about myself
    My dog picked my daughter’s name.


  • Carson Conklin

    Carson Conklin

    Carson Rose Conklin

    Kitchen Operations Administrator

    What is your favorite, secret, snack food?

    A nice MLT – mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomatoes are ripe. They’re so perky, I love that.

    Your favorite place to drink (outside of HUB)?

    In my backyard, lying on the trampoline.

    Honors, Awards?

    I once won $10 on a scratch-off ticket.

    Two Truths and A Lie:
    My older brother thought I should be named Pot Roast.
    I started liking figs when I began thinking of them as texturally similar to small mice.
    I never learned how to drive a stick shift.

  • Chad Brigman

    Chad Brigman

    Chad Brigman

    Front of House Manager

    What is your favorite, secret, snack food?

    Banana with almond butter. If I’m feeling like a big snack, put it on some toast and make it a sandwich! When I feeling really good that day, i drizzle some honey on it.

    What is your favorite funny movie?

    Oh man, it’s so hard picking favorites … but if I really need to pin one down, Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

    Any distinguishing moments in your life?

    When my wife gave birth to our son. I feel totally honored to have such a strong wife, and be his Dad. He is just the coolest little dude ever. When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

    Two Truths and A Lie:
    I have journeyed through 100 seasons
    I have slept beneath 25 Sturgeon Moons.
    My compass is pulled by a magnetic north.

  • David Bondioli

    David Bondioli

    David Bondioli

    HR Generalist

    What is your favorite Hopworks beer?

    Pig War White IPA

    What is your favorite secret snack?

    Peanut butter filled pretzels

    What is your favorite place to travel to in Oregon?

    Eugene. That’s where my family lives and the Ducks play there!

    Any distinguishing moments or things you want to brag about?

    In the summer of 2015 a group of friends and I were fishing in Montana and got caught behind the state’s biggest wildfire. We had to evacuate through a re-routed hike of 35 miles out of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. That was one of the more exciting adventures I’ve been on in awhile!

  • Eric Steen

    Eric Steen

    Eric Steen

    Marketing Manager

    What is your favorite, secret, snack food?

    Juanitas chips, although it’s not much of a secret

    Honors, awards, distinguishing moments, or anything you want to brag about?

    I won Outstanding Teacher of the Year at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

    Your favorite place to go in Oregon?

    The Little North Fork Santiam River is the best place for swimming in the whole world.

    Two truths and a Lie:
    I walked 125 miles straight without sleeping.
    I have built illegal bars around the world.
    I once convinced an art museum to let me search for fermentable bacteria in the cracks of a 18th century French painting.

  • Luke Graham

    Luke Graham

    Luke Graham

    Kitchen Manager

    What is your favorite Hopworks beer?

    Evelyn Sunshine

    What is your favorite, secret, snack food?

    Flaming Hot Funyuns

    Your favorite place to go in Oregon?

    Crater Lake. It is the setting for the Ice-T and Gary Busey film, “Surviving the Game”.

    Two truths and a lie:
    My cousin is married to esteemed comedian and actor, Patton Oswalt.
    I’m left handed.
    I have a 48 inch vertical.

  • Maureen Weste-Cheeks

    Maureen Weste-Cheeks

    Maureen Weste-Cheeks

    Assistant General Manager

    Your favorite place to drink (outside of HUB)?

    The Gold Dust Meridian

    Honors, Awards, Distinguishing Moments, Anything you want to brag about?

    I am a mother of three, beautiful, amazing kids and married to the most handsome man alive. That’s not bragging… it’s blessings.

    Your favorite place to go in Oregon?

    I love the Oregon coast, Newport, Seaside and Arcadia beach especially. Newport has all those creepy antique stores, Seaside is good for playing and eating and Arcadia is where my husband and I got married, it’s relatively secluded and incredibly beautiful.

    Two truths and a lie:
    I married my husband the day after we met.
    There are five dead fish floating in our fish tank.
    I floss my teeth 3 times a day.

  • Hopworks Urban Brewery HUB Logo

    Spencer Kollman

    Hopworks Urban Brewery HUB Logo Spencer Kollman

    Spencer Kollman

    Front of House Manager

    What is your favorite, secret, snack food?

    Ruby Red Squirt

    Your favorite place to drink (outside of HUB)?

    While playing softball

    Honors, Awards?

    Co-Founder of the Ping Pong club in High School which I lettered. All around baller.

    Two truths and a lie:
    I like moulin rouge.
    I broke both my arms at once.
    I am a bad speller.

  • Stephen Shick

    Stephen Shick

    Steve Shick

    Bike Bar General Manager

    What is your favorite, secret, snack food?

    Pickles for life.

    Honors & Awards:

    2008 Tidewater Regional Lacrosse Champions

    Your favorite place to go in Oregon?

    Anywhere in the Colombia River Gorge is my ideal get away. Nothing like a tough hike with a great view.

    Two truths and a lie:
    The first word I ever spoke was pickle.
    I’ve been in 46 of the 50 states.
    Beer is my middle name.

  • Troy Emmons

    Troy Emmons

    Troy Emmons, Front of House Manager

    What is your favorite, secret, snack food?

    It’s no secret, I love cheese!

    Honors, Awards, Distinguishing Moments?

    I trained a medal winning Olympic athlete… It was my sister, Allison, in the Special Olympics. She’s awesome and I’m a proud brother!

    Your favorite place to go in Oregon?

    To the mountains! They’re great for hiking and camping in the summer, you can slide down them in the winter and the views are always stunning.

    Two Truths and a lie:
    I graduated kindergarten wearing lederhosen
    My alter ego has an internet presence
    I know all the dance moves to N’Sync’s “It’s Gonna Be Me”